To fully enjoy this adventure, the creators of "Untamed Dinner at Home" recommend:

Make an effort to follow the instructions and rules in a sequential manner.
Charge your mobile phone in advance to successfully hear and see messages with the help of QR codes.
If possible, connect a mobile phone to a sound amplifier to ensure better audibility.
Prepare a meal from a pre-purchased chef Raimonds Zommers food box, which can be purchased at an additional cost.
Or prepare your favorite dishes yourself, before opening the box, taking into account the recommendations of the chef and box makers, which can be found in the section of the website ……
Provide yourself with your favorite drinks and glasses, as well as some ice for the drink you will find in the box.
Most importantly, find a free evening and a couple of hours when no one will disturb you. No phone calls, no TV shows in the background, and countless children's questions.
Enjoy the event in shared solitude, tuning in to the frequency of "being for each other and diving into adventure."

Pleasant, joyful pleasure for all of your senses!