”Untamed Dinner at Home" boxes is a new, unprecedented product, that has been created in cooperation with Cointreau.

It is an adventure created by interaction between box owners and dinner creators. A unique, personal dinner journey, which is achieved by following the given instructions and taking appropriate actions. The gift box contains following items: specially created dishes and other accessories for an unusual food experience, QR codes that will allow you to encounter mysterious, recognizable personalities, musical tact’s and messages. Luminaires and other props will lead you to the goal to gain a new experience, enjoy the feeling of the event, get to know your dinner date in a playful, cheerful atmosphere, appreciate the moment and capture the feeling of the holiday in a pleasant, safe environment of your choice.

Year 2020 has introduced a change in the world, so the forms of events are changing beyond recognition. Health and safety is a priority for everyone, so the creative association “Skudras metropole” and the design solutions company “Don't Panic design” created an event box that allows under any adverse external conditions, to still have the opportunity to enjoy a great adventure, get inspiration and joy.

As well as knowing how much original and atypical gifts are needed at the end of the year, we made sure that you have the opportunity to get them in your possession or gift them to someone who deserves it.

The box "Untamed dinner at home" can be purchased by any individual who has reached the age of 18, as the content of the box contains an alcoholic beverage.

Boxes can also be a good gift for companies, partners, and customers.

One box is intended for use by 2 people. If several people want to enjoy an untamed dinner, then several boxes are needed.